Brain-based Strategies

> 4. *KWLH – Sure I like the KWL chart as much as the next teacher, but what about adding an H at the end for How did you learn it? It asks, in a very simple way, for a student or class to reflect on the process they went through to learn a concept, and is a very non-threatening mode of deeper reflection.*


Training the Brain to Listen

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+ **Halt**: Stop whatever else you are doing, end your internal dialogue on other thoughts, and free your mind to pay attention to the person speaking.
+ **Engage**: Focus on the speaker. We suggest a physical component, such as turning your head slightly so that your right ear is toward the speaker as a reminder to be engaged solely in listening.
+ **Anticipate**: By looking forward to what the speaker has to say, you are acknowledging that you will likely learn something new and interesting, which will enhance your attention.
+ **Replay**: Think about what the speaker is saying. Analyze and paraphrase it in your mind or in discussion with the speaker and other classmates. Replaying the information will aid in understanding and remembering what you have learned.