Top Ten Middle Grade Books About Mice

From NerdyBookClub

“Top Ten Middle Grade Books About Mice by Holly Mueller
Posted by CBethM

What is it about mice? We don’t like them scurrying around our houses or garages. Some people get cats just to limit the mouse population, and we all know stories of ladies jumping up on tables or chairs, screaming at the sight of them. We even think elephants shudder and quake in fear over mice. I completely understand why we read books about dogs, horses, and fluffy kittens, but why do we love books about what we consider vermin in real life? I asked myself this question as I started the delightful audio book of Richard Peck’s The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail, a book about an orphan mouse in London on a quest to find out who he really is. This is Peck’s second book about mice…”

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