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Role of Technology in Schools

This article raises important questions about schools and education as we know them.

“Looking at Technology Through School-Colored Spectacle”

+ I’d like to give an overview of a direction of writing that I’ve been trying to develop over the last year and has engaged me in a lot more talking than I usually like to do — listening too. And that is the kind of discourse going on about technology in education. That is, a slightly different slant on it. I usually jump in and I know what I want to say and I know what will happen and I have a particular idea to position in such debates. But I thought recently that it might be very interesting to stand back and look at the nature of the debate, what is going on, what kind of positions people are taking, and most important, what positions are people not taking. If this little talk has a title, it’s something like “Looking at Technology Through School-Colored Spectacles.” Basically my thesis is that the idea of school in many of its features is so deeply ingrained in people’s thinking that when they look at technology to discuss it in relation to computers, they see it in a particular and very narrow way dominated by the nature of school as they’ve known it. And so it is not surprising that the discussion, and not only the discussion, but the serious research and the large amounts of money and people’s time being expended on technology in education really consists of taking sides about an enterprise that consists of injecting technology into an otherwise unchanged school system and then coming to the conclusion that it is not going to change school very much…”

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