Wormeli: Metaphors & Analogies

Metaphors & Analogies:  Power Tools for Teaching any Subject

Rick Wormeli

Some Highlights:

About every 27 words is an analygoty and/or metaphor.  It is embedded in all we do.
This is very powerfully important.  It should be taught to student teachers. 

Many children don’t know what we are talking about because they don’t know how to make meaning of the metaphors that are used in everyday speech.  It is the meaning making that goes in the long term memory.  

If we’re doing our job, every subsequent generation would be superior to last.

It’s not an answer chase.  It’s a question journey.

Post up a display of collected metaphor samples, and encourage students to read and comment on them.

Good metaphors give us new information, not the same information.  They don’t restatethe obvious: cars are like automobies.  To be useful, they must provide fresh perspective.

Here’s the entire pdf from the presentation:


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