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Didn’t get too look thought all of these short texts but the majority of them seem useful for differentiation since they are leveled. 

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Hey fellow teachers,

We just added a bunch of new non-fiction, main idea reading passages, with more to come.

Click below to see a pre-filtered passage list by grade. And please share ReadWorks and these passages with your colleagues:

TEACHING TIP: Focus on the main idea of these passages by having students decide what is the most important information.  Be sure to have students point to evidence within the text to support their conclusion about what the main idea is.  (There aren???t additional student question sheets with all of these passages.)


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Infographic Model

For the history strand of the 3rd unit, I want the students to create an infographic based on the content we are learning (8th grade – genocide, 7th grade – slavery).  Details of the task are still in the works but I came across this beautiful infographic on rock climbing that I think I might use as a model for students to follow when creating their own.

Check it out:


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