Classroom Procedures 2011-12

Student Entrance:  Students will meet the teacher at the door.  Students should only enter the room if the teacher is at the door. If the teacher is not at the door, students must line up against the wall near the door and wait for the teacher to receive them.  Students should enter the room after being greeted by the teacher.  Once inside, students are to start independent reading immediately.

Getting Student Attention:  Teacher will count aloud backwards from 5.  Once students hear the countdown, they are expected to be prepared to listen in complete silence once the countdown ends at 1.  At other times, when student volume is higher than it should be, the teacher will turn the lights on/off three times to signal to the students to quiet down a bit and lower their volumes.

Hallway Pass:  Students will raise their hand with their index finger pointed at the ceiling to signal they need a hallway pass. The teacher will nod yes/no to indicate if it is an appropriate time.  When permitted to go students will silently walk up to the front of the room and sign-out in the hallway pass book, collect the pass, and walk out.  Upon return, students will enter silently return the pass to its place and sit in their assigned seat.  Hallway pass is a hallways pass, regardless of the destination (office, water, or bathroom).  Each student only gets one pass per-day regardless of the destination.  Students will indicate their destination on the hallway pass log.

Headings on Paper:  Each page of the notebook and each piece of paper submitted, published or in draft, should have: Name in the top left corner, date underneath it, and class # below the date.  Page number should appear on the top right corner.

Mr. Maqsood                                        1

Turning in Work: Any type of work that is should be submitted to the teacher must be dropped off in the appropriately labeled bin near the front of the class.  “Turning in” time is ONLY the last 1 minute of class.  Before exiting the room, students should drop off their work – never before, after, nor during class.  Teacher will inform students when it is the last 1 minute, to clear their desks and drop off work before lining up for dismissal.

Pencil Borrowing/Sharpening:  Students will need a writing utensil every single day of class.  Grab a pencil if you need one as soon as you enter the room without comment.  The pencils are in a container at the teacher’s desk.  If you have a pencil, sharpen it as soon as you walk in.  If a point breaks, raise your hand with the pencil and wait for the teacher.  Teacher will either replace the pencil or give you permission to sharpen your pencil.

Participation:  Student will raise his/her hand and speak when permission is granted by the teacher.  If permission is not granted, student should write down his/her comment to turn in to the teacher later.  It is not always possible for each student to have a go during discussions as they will be timed.  Teacher will do his best to allow all students equal opportunity to have his/her voice heard.

Independent Reading:  IR is a daily part of class that is a school-wide Humanities practice at UNMS .  Reading begins as soon as a student enters the classroom.  Students will have ONLY their reading logs and independent reading books out on their desks and begin reading.  When teacher calls time, students will finish reading their last sentence and record progress in the reading log.  Students will clear their desks of independent reading materials when finished updating the log.
Independent reading will take place in the first twenty minutes of class each day.

Dismissal:  Regardless of which period of the day it is, class is dismissed by the teacher according to the teacher’s time.  When the teacher announces clean-up time, all students should clear their desks and collect all their belongings.  At this time, students should come to the front to drop off any work that they wish to submit and line up against the closets.  Teacher will dismiss students as they line up at the closets.  If the dismissal is for the last period of the day, students must put the chairs up on the desks before lining up against the closets.
If the students are coming to Humanities after lunch, then they may come to the room during the first 3 minutes of lunch to drop off their belongings.

Consequences:  Teacher will enforce school rules in class with regards to inappropriate language, attendance, and behavior.  There will be awards for positive behavior at the end of each month.  Teacher will keep anecdotal record of all behavior.  Teacher will use a “checks system” by which a studet will be awarded “checks” each class period.  Checks are awarded to students that demonstrate model behavior.  At the end of the month, the top three students receiving the highest number of checks will be recognized in some way (pizza party during lunch, movie and snacks during lunch, extra computer time, etc.).


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